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Friday, December 17, 2010

Five Guys Has Great Burgers And Fries

I recently had the opportunity to eat at Five Guys. Wow! What a great burger, check out my review at    Five Guys Burgers

Michael Vick Great Role Model?

I just published an article on Yahoo, regarding Michael Vick and his chance at actually becoming a great role model. Check it out at    Michael Vick Great Football Player, Better Role Model

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Meterologist Faces Charges

A meteorologist on WABC-TV, Heidi Jones, is facing charges of filing a false report in New York. She claimed she was acosted twice by the same man while jogging in Central Park. If that was me, I would get her a job with the gossip papers. Seems she's good at making up stories.

Casino Robbed By Motorcyclist

The Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas was robbed of at least $1.5 million on Tuesday. The robber entered the casino wearing a helmet and jump suit and proceeded to pull a gun at a craps table. He escaped with the chips by fleeing on a motorcycle. Where was security? When I just turned 21 they would barely let me in, but a man wearing a motorcycle helmet gets by? If that was me, I would take a hard look at those security gaurds.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Not Buy Gift Cards For Yourself?

This article   Gift cards aren't just for giving brings up some great points about using gift cards to save yourself some money. If that was me, I would be giving all those gift cards to myself.

A Different Christmas List: Most Recent Toy Recalls

The one list you should be checking twice this time of year is here   Most recent toy recalls. If that was me, I would make sure my child didn't receive any of these.

Funny Christmas Tree Story

Check out this funny Christmas story   The Christmas tree almost got away. If that was me, I would think twice about buying a live tree.

Is Facebook Keeping You From Getting A Job?

Believe it or not, more and more employers are checking out your Facebook page. If that was me, I would check out this article  Facebook can keep you from getting a job   and see if there is anything you should remove from yours if your looking for a job.

Don't Get Bed Bugs For Christmas

There are several steps to prevent yourself from getting bed bugs. The one present no one wants this or any time of year. If that was me, I would check out this article    How to prevent bed bugs

Friday, December 3, 2010

Brainscan May Detect Autism

Researchers at McClean Hospital in Boston and the University of Utah have been able to detect high functioning autism with a 94% success rate through the use of MRI brain scans. It is hoped the detection improvement will lead to one day finding a cure or treatment. If that was me, I would check out ways to help at Autism

Onesies For Adults To Compete With Snuggies

A company, appropriately called Forever Lazy, is marketing a product it hopes will compete with the Snuggie Fleece Blanket, Pink. The adult size, footless, onesie comes complete with hood and is the product of two wisconsin men who live in one of their parents basement. They have sold 10,000 so far compared to the 20 million Snuggies. If that was me, I would think they could sell that many in Wisconsin alone.  

Insulting Your Customers Pays With Google

An online retailer,, used a rather unusual strategy to drive sales. Customers with complaints were insulted as a way of driving them to post their complaints on the internet. Seems every time the company's site was mentioned, good or bad, it drove up it's ranking on Google. This in turn sent more customers their way. When Google found out about the company's policies it quickly changed the formula for ranking to prevent this from happening in the future. If that was me, and I was Google, I would just completely remove this company completely.

Two Deaths In A Week At Disney Town

A town built by Disney, Celebration, Florida, as a walkable,family-friendly town has been hit by it's second death in less than a week. The owner of a failed security business, who was facing the foreclosure of his home, killed himself after a standoff with police. This just days after the town's first ever homocide. The town was built in 1996 and has 11,000 residents who are considered to be well-off financially. If that was me, I would fire that "Mickey Mouse" police department.

To The Woman Who Changed Me, Thank You

I was the last of the confirmed bachelors. Women, money, I had it all, or so I thought. Read the story of the woman who changed my life for the better. If that was me, I wouldn't let her go. I just hope she keeps me!       My Two Lives And The Woman Who Changed Me

Cute Baby Even Cuter Story Involving Large Breasts

Check out this story about my young son becoming very parrot-like at a very inappropriate moment. It involves large breasts and me having to learn to keep my mouth shut. If that was me I would check it out , it also has a picture of my cute little trouble maker.     The Day My Two Year Old Became A Parrot

Derek Jeter No Longer A Yankee?

Who would of ever thought the Yankees and Derek Jeter would be in a contract dispute? In my latest article I go into it more in depth. If that was me I would check it out at     Yankees Daring Jeter To Play Elsewhere