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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mega Millions Winner May Have to Split Jackpot With Abusive Ex

A 29 year old mother of two, Holly Lahti, who was one of the two winners of the $380 million Mega lottery game on January 4th, may have to split her share with her ex-husband. The two separated in 2003, shortly after he was arrested for abusing her, however they never filed for divorce. As per the laws in Idaho, he has a claim to the jackpot also. She and her daughters have been in hiding since she was announced as a winner.
 I understand the last thing she wants to do is make the man who abused her rich. If that was me, I would give him his share on the condition he put the children in his will. She will still have enough to live very well, and he will become one of those lottery horror stories. Probably overdose or wrap his truck around a tree. Then the kids can get whatever is left. Win win

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blog Offering Tips To Win On Scratch Offs

The blog JERZEEBABY is offering a way to get tips on winning at scratch off lottery tickets. If that was me, and I was just blindly buying tickets hoping to win, this is something I would definitely look into.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Has Beens Rehab From Donald Trump

The cast for the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice" has been announced. The list of "celebrities" looks a lot like the guest list at a rehab center. Gary Busey, Richard Hatch, Jose Canseco, and Lil John are just the trouble makers. Then you have the washed up singers in David Cassidy, Mark McGrath, Meatloaf, and Dionne Warwick. Add in some just plain crazies in LaToya Jackson, Lisa Rinna, and Star Jones along with a deaf actress in Marlee Matlin and let the craziness begin.
 What I want to know is what kind of apprentice is Donald Trump looking for. A future convict. A future drug addicted homeless person. I don't think any of these people would be qualified to be his doorman when all is said and done.
 Too bad the show isn't on cable and didn't focus on the behind the scenes. I mean how soon before Jose Conseco realizes Marlee Matlin is deaf not just ignoring him. How soon before Lil John pulls a gun on Gary Busey. How soon before we get a new band, Partridge Sugar Meatloaf.
 If someone doesn't die or get arrested on this season it will be too bad, uh, I mean a miracle.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

TastyKakes Gets $6 Million Dollar Loan, 6 Months To Repay?

TastyKake has announced they have secured $6 million in loans and other forms of relief. That's the good news for all us Krimpet and Candy Kake fans. The bad news is this funding only gives them 6 months to either refinance their debt or sell the company. Who did they borrow from? Tony Soprano?
 Six months to decide the fate of an entire company. A company that is iconic in Southern Jersey and Philadelphia. I wrote previously, if that was me, I would have a massive bake sale. Sadly what will probably end up being sold is the company.
 Let's all show our support and next time you are at the grocery store throw a box or two of TastyKake products in the cart. If possible they might even taste better if you think you might be saving some jobs at the same time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

What's Wrong With Dale Earnhardt jr.?

Dale Earnhardt jr. struggled in 2010 with no wins and a 21st place final standings for the Sprint Cup. He has proven in the past, he has the talent to win on this level. He has an owner in Rick Hendrick who supplies him with the best equipment. So what's wrong? If that was me, and I was Dale jr., I would read the following article   Dale Earnhardt jr. Needs To Start Having Fun 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Check Out These White Lion Cubs

These white lion cubs were born on Nov 16 at an Argentine zoo. If that was me, and I ran that zoo I would be marketing these animals on everything. How often do you get to help finance a zoo with cuteness.

Former NHL Player Found Dead At Mall

Former NHL player, Tom Cavanagh, who played briefly with the San Jose Sharks was found dead in a Rhode Island mall parking garage. The death is believed to be a suicide. The 28 year old former Harvard player had struggled with mental issues most of his life according to his father. If that was me, I hope the NHL will use this man's life struggles to get accross the message to youngsters who are dealing with their own demons that life can get better. Ron Artest of the Lakers is doing a great job of this, let's hope the NHL contacts him.

Timing of Your Tweets Means Everything

Twitter was created as a social network, and if that's all you use it for then feel free to Tweet whenever you want. However, if you are trying to use Twitter as a way to promote a product or even yourself then timing is everything. The average life of a Tweet, afterall, is only 4 to 8 minutes. During that time you will want the maximum number of people viewing it.
  There are four primary times of the day for your Tweets to be seen. The first is early morning on work days. Sadly for most employers, the first thing most people do when they first get to work is check their personal e-mail an social networks, like Twitter. The next best time to have them read occurs during lunch time. This is a great time to Tweet about lunch specials, or even 1 hour sales.
  Sorry employers, again, but the next best time is just as the work day is ending. Most people check their personal messages then knowing they have a commute, dinner, even kid's homework to deal with for hours before they have any "me" time. The final, and perhaps, best time to Tweet for potential profit or viewership is just prior to most people's bedtimes. This is the one time of day they feel the least rushed. A person will gladly give up a little sleep for something that interests them. This is actually the best time for blogs to spark someone's interest.
  If that was me, and I actually cared whether people saw what I Tweeted, I would try maximizing the times mentioned above. If you are all about you and don't care, then you wouldn't of read this anyway.
  While I have your attention I'm looking for followers, please follow if you saw this. Hope I got it out during the right time!

Tastykakes In Trouble

The Tastykake Company, maker of baked treats like the Krimpet, is in financial trouble. The company is considering bankruptcy or sale if it can not raise more capital. The Philadelphia company has been around for almost 100 years, but was hit hard by problems at it's new bakery and the bankrupcy filing by A&P. If that was me, the solution is simple, have a bake sale!

Ex Cop Gets Fined For Spying On Ex Judge Girlfriend

A former police officer avoided jail and was fined $500 for wiretapping his ex-girlfriend who just happened to be a Municipal Judge. The judge has since resigned from the bench. Wouldn't it have been interesting if he had gotten another judge to approve the wiretap and they listened in together. If that was me, I would sell this story to Law & Order, if they haven't already done it.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Nascar Taking Sponsors From Own Teams

If your a fan of Nascar you know practically ever product you see a commercial for during a race is an official sponsor. You might be amazed how many there actually are. Check out my article on Yahoo regarding the subject at    Nascar Taking Sponsors From Their Own Teams

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Man Jailed For 30 Years Cleared By DNA

A Texas man,Cornelius Dupree Jr., was declared innocent Tuesday after spending almost 30 years in prison for a crime his DNA says he didn't commit. He was convicted in 1979 of rape and robbery of a 26 year old woman and sentenced to 75 years. Twice during his sentence he was offered parole if he admitted his guilt, but he maintained his innocence. He is now 51 years old. If that was me, I would expect a few get out of jail free cards in my future, and an all expense paid trip to the Nevada brothel of my choice.

Parents Will Soon Be Able To View Children's Texts and E-mails

A free e-mail and text message filtering program called MouseMail, which will allow parents to filter messages containing inappropriate words, unknown contacts, and suspicious messages before they ever make it to their children. Only if a parent determines it to be safe will it be sent on to the child. MouseMail will launch on Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. If that was me, and my kid was old enough to text, I would start preparing to spend alot of my time reading messages and being shocked. I've got a feeling a lot of kids will be losing their computer and cell phone priviledges.

Mga Milions Winners

There were two winners of  the Mega Millions lottery last night. Chances are if you are reading this you weren't one of them. Both were from the west and of course I live in the east. If that was me, and I did win, I wouldn't stop blogging I would just hire someone to type it for me. Afterall, with all that money I would have a lot more interesting things to talk about. If you played you should still check to see if you won anything, click the link and good luck     Lottery Results

Monday, January 3, 2011

Garbage Pile Saves Man Trying To Commit Suicide

A 26 year old New York man, who tried to commit suicide on Sunday was saved bt falling on a giant pile of garbage. The man, with a history of emotional problems, was facing eviction from his apartment when he jumped from the ninth floor window. He landed in a large pile of garbage bags that had accumulated due to the recent snowstorm. If that was me, and I couldn't even get suicide right, I would give up. Then with his luck he would get hit by the mail truck carrying his winning sweepstakes check.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eat Sleep Party Repeat Tshirt

This shirt should be the way we all live if we didn't have jobs, kids, bills, etc. If your lucky enough to live that way the shirt is available at the       JERZEEBABY STORE

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Football Coach Arrested For Domestic Violence

The new football coach of the Pitt Panthers has been arrested on domestic violence charges. Mike Haywood was arrested at his home in South Bend on Friday at 3PM after police were called regarding a custody situation with a woman he has a child with. When police showed up the woman had marks on her neck, arms, and back. He is being held without bond until he can appear before a judge. If that was me, and I had anger issues like that I would take them out on a tackling dummy, rather than the mother of my child. Great role model for the players at Pitt.

John Fox Fired as Coach of Panthers

The word is Carolina Panther Head Coach John Fox will be fired following his team's final game. If that was me, I would thank the owner. I'm sure he will run off the field faster than he ever has, and call his agent to check on his offers. He may be offered the Cowboys or Giants jobs. What about Florida in the college ranks. Maybe a spot on the "FOX" pregame show. Anything would be better than coach of the Panthers, hell he would probably have better talent on the pregame show.

New Years Day Pregnancy Scare

According to an article on New Years Day doesn't just bring hangovers, it also sees a spike in the number of women seeking pills that can prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex. I'm no saint by any means, but are women who don't want to get pregnant really not using protection? Seems to me a great marketing campaign is being missed at Trojan. If that was me, and especially if I was a woman, I wouldn't leave the house without a condom in my purse. If your worried about the embarrassment just think how you'll feel if you get a STD or an unwanted pregnancy.