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Friday, October 15, 2010

$35,000 Cell Phone Bill

A 27 year old woman who was visiting  her pregnant sister in Haiti when the earthquake hit was shocked by a cell phone bill from T-Mobile for almost $35,000 for two months of service. Kerfye Pierre thought she was taking advantage of a plan T-Mobile had offered for free calls to and from Haiti. Her problem came with thinking text messages and data were also free, they weren't. T-Mobile has offered to reduce the bill to $5,000, still beyond her means as a federal government worker. If that was me, and I was Verizon or some other wireless company, I would step in and pay off her bill. I would then sign her up as a customer, anyone that texts as much as she does will pay that amount back in no time. Not to mention all the good press they would receive.

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