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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mega Millions Winner May Have to Split Jackpot With Abusive Ex

A 29 year old mother of two, Holly Lahti, who was one of the two winners of the $380 million Mega lottery game on January 4th, may have to split her share with her ex-husband. The two separated in 2003, shortly after he was arrested for abusing her, however they never filed for divorce. As per the laws in Idaho, he has a claim to the jackpot also. She and her daughters have been in hiding since she was announced as a winner.
 I understand the last thing she wants to do is make the man who abused her rich. If that was me, I would give him his share on the condition he put the children in his will. She will still have enough to live very well, and he will become one of those lottery horror stories. Probably overdose or wrap his truck around a tree. Then the kids can get whatever is left. Win win

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