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Saturday, January 15, 2011

TastyKakes Gets $6 Million Dollar Loan, 6 Months To Repay?

TastyKake has announced they have secured $6 million in loans and other forms of relief. That's the good news for all us Krimpet and Candy Kake fans. The bad news is this funding only gives them 6 months to either refinance their debt or sell the company. Who did they borrow from? Tony Soprano?
 Six months to decide the fate of an entire company. A company that is iconic in Southern Jersey and Philadelphia. I wrote previously, if that was me, I would have a massive bake sale. Sadly what will probably end up being sold is the company.
 Let's all show our support and next time you are at the grocery store throw a box or two of TastyKake products in the cart. If possible they might even taste better if you think you might be saving some jobs at the same time.

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