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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Attention Writers: Great Source For Material

  If you are a writer, then you know there are times when you mind just seems to go blank. Whether you write books, articles for sites like Yahoo's Associated Content, or just for your own blog you have definitely faced this problem head on.
  There are times when ideas flow so fast you risk losing them if you don't write them down immediately. Keeping a list of ideas, when you have them, becomes a great resource for when you have gone blank. However, there are still times when you have written about everything you can think of.
  Next thing you know you are at Google Trends looking for ideas. Scanning news websites, looking for inspiration. I have done all that, but nothing has worked better for me than an afternoon spent in Starbucks.
  The things people openly talk about in a coffee shop surrounded by strangers has become both amazing and fascinating to me. In fact I have generated two articles for Associated Content on just what I have overheard. Check them out to see what I'm talking about by clicking the links below.
Starbucks Stories
Verizon Stole My Wallet

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