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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a Man Really Wants in a Woman

  I hear women complaining about the bad behavior of men all the time. Usually, the conversation starts with a celebrity, such as Arnold Schwartzenegger or Jesse James, who is married to a beautiful and seemingly perfect woman, but ultimately cheats.
  Often times, the conversation then turns to someone they know personally who is either currently having or has had trouble with their man. The conversation usually ends with something like "All men are pigs."
  Well guess what, not all men are bad. In fact many of us want the same things in life as women do. A happy healthy family, financial stability, and a true partner in life.
  Women just don't know how to pick the right guy first off. You can't fall for a man who has habits that may be appealing to a single woman, and then expect that man to become a good family man.
  I am a man, and I know what I want in a woman. First she needs to be able to hold a conversation with me, trust me I've been in a committed relationship for 5 years and you will do a lot more talking than having sex, eventually anyway.
  Secondly, you need to have some common interests. I mean genuine interests, not just pretending to like something because he does. If you hate sports and get involved with a sports lover, you will end up miserable.
  I could go on all day, but maybe the best thing I could do is instead recommend a book I recently came across. I know what your thinking, why is a guy reading a book for women on how to pick the right guy ? Well, besides this blog I also write for Yahoo and from time to time I find myself reading just for the sake of generating ideas. I have to say, however, this book seemed to have many of the thing I would tell a woman. You can click on any of the links in this post to check it out.

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