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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sell Your Pictures For Great Second Income

  I write for a number of sites on the internet, such as Yahoo and my various blogs. Every site will tell you the same thing, an article that is accompanied by pictures will get more views than one without. The question I had was where do I get pictures to add to my articles?
  What I found out is there are quite a few sites you can go to purchase pictures for use with your materials. The costs are usually quite low, or sometimes you will need to become a member. I have done both, afterall if you need a picture of Dale Earnhardt Jr. or a product or place you are writing about what better way than to just purchase one cheaply?
  After doing this quite a few times, the writer in me began to wonder, where do all these pictures come from? What I found out was these sites actually purchase pictures to then resell or offer a commission to the photographer every time the photo is used.
  Most of the people supplying the photos are everyday people with an ordinary digital camera. The best part is you download your pics to one of these sites once and get paid every time someone uses it. This is a great way to earn a secondary income, I found.
  The number of sites you can sell your photos to is quite extensive, but there is a program available that gives you all the information you need to get started. The site even gives you a phone number to call where you can speak to a real person who will help you start making money with your photos.
  I have included a link to the site below, check it out and start making some money. Who knows maybe one of your photos will end up with one of my articles on Yahoo, wouldn't that be cool?
Sell Your Photos

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